wishbone landmine attachment

The dual ball bearing system on each swivel handle is a proprietary design by our engineer. Now you can get stronger and explosive by lifting light to heavy weights without creating self-inflicted joint pain. The Titan Landmine attachment comes with hardware designed to work perfectly with your Titan T-3 & T-6 Power Rack, but you can mount it anywhere! To use the Wishbone safely, you need a Renegade / Landmine that is mounted on a rack or wall that will not move. Quantity. When you are ready to add more weight, the CJ Plus is next step up! Add to Wishlist. Renegade - Wishbone / Clean And Jerk Poster. The Wishbone Renegade attachment is NOT recommended with the Renegade Varsity. No back aches, no muscle ruptures, no mobility nuisances and too many range of motion. The Wishbone landmine attachment will get you stronger without breaking you down. Your email address will not be published. © 2009-2020 PurMotion, Inc.,All Rights Reserved. Once you incorporate additional angles into your lower body strength training, these forgotten muscles, you will be able to quickly blast through that plateau to a new personal record! This makes it a great alternative to the Olympic lifts! Athletic Stack Rack View Details. Your email address will not be published. While effective at first, the plateau is inevitable. Cyclone 52 View Details. Stop using the bar sleeve for landmine movements! Insert one end of an Olympic barbell or the PurBar (13 pounds) into the Renegade Varsity and you are good to go. Use the T-handle to screw the Renegade Outfitter into the ground and you are good to go. Top 5 Landmine Attachments | FightCampConditioning - YouTube By changing the equipment we can transfer natural, explosive movements to any athletic activity. The Wishbone incorporates natural angles of resistance that builds balance strength without compromising your joints. © 2009-2020 PurMotion, Inc.,All Rights Reserved. The landmine attachment is an effective and unconventional way of upgrading your workout. The CJ Standard makes the deadlift, squat jumps, power cleans and snatches more natural hence easier for trainers to teach and for clients to learn. The vertical jump is the benchmark test for lower extremity explosive power in sports like basketball, football, baseball, martial arts, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, track and field, swimming, etc. These two forces are a MUST in most physical activities like athletics, tactical, and even when you WALK! This video is unavailable. Features: - Titan Landmine is a small addition to your gym with a huge impact! A great alternative to the olympic lifts that were design to win, NOT to prepare you to win. Quantity. Watch Queue Queue No problem, the Renegade Mountable uses a universal clamp plate that fits most racks with uprights dimensions within 2in x 2in, 2in x 3in, 3in x 3in, & 3in x 4in Tubing (only fits on 3″ or less face). The result is an optimal way to consistently build power in a joint pain-free environment. We were the first to design a landmine that could be inserted into a bumper plate. Requires a stand for squatting exercises and a mounted Renegade. Your email address will not be published. Throwing, punching, dragging and sprinting also requires the combination of vertical and horizontal forces that results in diagonal force lines. Your email address will not be published. The Clean and Jerk attachment provides a natural progression to safely add external loads–while closely mimicking the actual vertical jump movement–all without taxing your joints. Similar to the squat variations, lunges can just as easily be performed with the PurMotion Wishbone attachment. Color may vary — Standard Color: BLACK. The goal is to balance strength gains and leave no gaps. Due to its … Please check the Renegade Mountable. You may also want to consider the Purmotion Dual Renegade Bars. Required fields are marked *, 211 Applegate Trace, Pelham, AL 35124, USA. Why rely on just vertical only exercises to strengthen your lower body? It incorporate plate pegs on each side and includes a set of plate collars. When you are ready to add more weight, simply add the Wishbone Plate Pegs. The real solution to this problem is to change the equipment by making it more ergonomic to achieve natural joint alignment, natural moment arms and natural lines of resistance! You may also wish to order our Mobile … In an attempt to combat these issues, coaches have developed all sorts of technical variations, “prehab” and corrective protocols that have only complicated the matter. Exercises Diagonal press Rows Deadlift variations Squat jump Sprinter squat Power clean Split clean & jerk Split snatch. The Renegade Mountable can either bolt to columns or a wall using 1/2 inch hardware, OR it can clamp to existing equipment using optional clamp plate and additional hardware. Need a Renegade (landmine) to be mounted on your power rack, squat rack, dumbbell rack, cable cross over or similar? Great for dead lifts and overhead press as well. The Wishbone alternative squats could be treated as a great accessory exercises for experience weightlifters that need a break from barbell squats and deadlifts. Our Renegade Mountable can be bolted or clamped to a rack or mounted directly to a solid wall using 1/2 inch fasteners. Due to a shoulder problem, I struggle with barbell cleans. Need a Renegade (landmine) to be mounted on your power rack, squat rack, dumbbell rack, cable cross over or similar? The Wishbone landmine attachment will get you stronger without breaking you down. With the Wishbone landmine attachment you are able to squat in many different angles which allows you to engage additional muscles and evenly balance the entire lower body. Another huge benefit of the CJ Standard is the ability to lift using gravity and friction. Its ergonomic design places the load in the mid-line of the … Until now, the benefits of power building movements was limited to a select few because of the injury risk and the need for advanced instruction and coaching. Airfit View Details. Weightlifting is gravity based only. With just a few coaching queues you’ll be able learn and/or teach the movements in just a matter of minutes. Now with the Clean and Jerk attachment (aka Jammer attachment), it allows your body to naturally fall into place making the movements more intuitive and easy to learn. For the best Renegade workout experience, we highly recommend you check out the most joint-friendly Renegade attachments to facilitate natural strength gains. Renegade - Wishbone / Clean And Jerk Poster. PurMotion invented the best landmine: the Renegade. The dual ball bearing system not only allows for a smooth transition from ground to overhead but it can also handle heavy loads. Add to Wishlist. This simple tool helps you blast through squats, lunges, presses, and other exercises with relative ease. A great addition to your home gym or take it to the gym. Its ergonomic design places the load in the mid-line of the body making the triple extension or squatting pattern (ankles, knees and hips) more natural. Dec 5, 2019 - Add an extra workout station to your Grappler/ Landmine by plugging the opposite end of the bar in to this Linebacker Leverage Squat Attachment. Gaps can lead to injuries. Now you can spend less time working on technique and more time lifting to build power! Traditional weightlifting is gravity based only where friction is minimal or nonexistent. If you buy its weight pegs, it would be better and heavier. Required fields are marked *, 211 Applegate Trace, Pelham, AL 35124, USA. Description This Landmine attachment is ideal for squatting without the fear of balancing a bar on your shoulders.

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