who is faster hyper sonic or flash

Dont ask me how because it makes no sense. Published on Jul 16, 2016 This debate's been going on for years from various people. Really not even contest. a. the power to reach speeds where he covers ANY distance with no time passing. but i am not joking about the sonic infinite speed feat i just showed proof. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It’s pretty annoying to continually see people answering questions about characters they know nothing about. I am not going to repeat myself again peace. @redmonkeyssj4 No his shoes did not make him stop time it was his own speed not the shoes. However, if the Flash goes all the way, he is fully capable of breaking through the Speed Force barrier which is beyond anything Sonic the Hedgehog is ever able to cross who was only able to break through the time barrier at most. about the flash the nuke feat it even says at a hairs breadth short of the speed of light. He struggles to reach light speed and is often unable to. The famous ottosecond perception claim, outrunning death and running to the end of the universe, even the time travel that created the flashpoint is Wally’s feat. Who is faster Sonic the Hedgehog or The Flash? sonic has time traveled to before. While hypersonic speeds are nothing to sneeze at, the Flash's speed from the Speed Force absolutely trumps Quicksilver's... by a lot. Now tell me JUST how you go FASTER than infinite? He needed to save the day, so he pulled out his True top speed, and ran so fast- Time stopped. Super Sonic is basically like what the Flash would be if he absorbed all the speed force inside himself. Of couurse this wasn't the video game sonic though, but other than the flash is inherently millions of times faster than Sonic, unless you want to apply Toon Force to the equation, in that case, the sky is the limit. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. So we’ll use wally, the fastest of the flashes, in this analysis. @sonic_jack: Sonic isn't even as fast as Quicksilver. Sonic had trouble getting out of this mode. Here's Part(s) 2 \u0026 3:--Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3lWmuHt0XAPart 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkbSD3V_GHo So they’re equeals right? But what if I told you, without being a jerky 1-sided fanboy like every other person on the internet, that Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Sonic a.k.a. Sonic should just show up in an issue of Flash and race him because... @sonic_jack: @beware_my_power thats what happends he literally gos too fast for time. I mean, he ran around the whole world in just 5 seconds and then punched Brainiac in the face. Sorry this is a VERY used scan, but as you can see, Flash has just individually moved 500,000 people multiple miles away, moving fast enough for a nuke to be frozen while detonating, all in .00001 seconds, to an everyday timer you would have a whooping ZERO seconds passed. This debate's been going on for years from various people. He needed to save the day, so he pulled out his True top speed, and ran so fast- Time stopped. @stupid_people that feat still counts plus there's alot of feats of him going faster than light. @sonic_jack: SHOW ME. What proof do I have ? True top speed, and ran so fast- Time stopped. a. the power to reach speeds where he covers ANY distance with no time passing. i was just joking, @sonic_jack: Flash outraced instant teleportaion while turning on every radio in a city. Moving WAY , way, way past light speed. plus sonic has time traveled using his pure speed. — CraigLivesHere (@CraigimusMax) March 31, 2015 Do you know what infinite^googolplex is? @sheenlantern would be the man for scans tho. Flash is faster. It's you who got a Sonic picture. He then proceeded to cream one missle , then went all the way to the other and took it out, in 0 seconds and even when just walking, and standing still that everything around him seemed frozen. Call me back when sonic reaches Superluminal velocity, or better yet, goes so fast he changes the entire continuity of the comic series he's in. Infinite. So yes, i was talking about base sonic. Sure i'm the one getting mad, but that's just because you're wrong. you dont think the timer was at 0 if time was stopped a second did not pass by even when just walking and standing still? As a disclaimer, Chaos COntrol warps time and space, and if he has “stopped time” for himself, he’s moving at infintie speed via moving ANY distance with the timer staying 0. By a lot. I don’t understand people consistently underestimating Sonic’s speed when he’s so consistently and explicitly started to move faster than light…, And he does things like running though 148,000 light years of this cosmic interstate, And even if people acknowledge that, they’ll often claim that Sonic’s only faster than light in the Archie comics, not in the game and other media…. Three day old threads are only visible to verified humans - this helps our small community management team stay on top of spam, Would Sonic the hedgehog or the Flash win in a race?

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