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​This education level was philosophically dedicated to Tezcatlipoca, in its representation of the "Interior Enemy". Wikimedia has received an e-mail confirming that the copyright holder has approved publication under the terms mentioned on this page. A good tool, technique, practice, or philosophy, can help you out of suffering and into greater happiness and love. As the Toltec warrior continues to transform their dream, a time comes when he or she realizes they are experiencing real personal freedom, and a loving relationship with themself and all of creation. You could say that making wise choices is a developed skill. UNAM. The many fears from the past no longer rule the warrior’s life and he or she is free to simply be happy and IN love for no reason. ​In Nahuatl language, the Anahuac lingua franca, the occidental concept of "art" did not exist. Education was considered the highest art, and the Toltec, the supreme artists. It is exalted as the highest development apex of the Anahuac, when this is completely false. The Tollan or the city was conceived as educated persons living in community, with a very high objective or social purpose and shared by all members, from a millennial educational process, in which community "service" was essential. An absolute integration and correlation between celestial mechanics, mathematics, environment and their world and life conception. Among the most important and characteristic features of this civilization will point out the following four: the invention of their essential food grain, maize. Education has become a business, directly and indirectly, and in means of subjugation and alienation. skilled and compassionate. But this very idea that we are not in control,,,  this frightens people more. And receive a strict education. The Toltec sense of educational practice was based on values, which should work on a daily basis with the students, through physical, mental and artistic activities to develop habits, and that these, over time, formed the character or as referred by nahuatl symbolism: form the student "own face and true heart". The social organization system and legal regime, ranging from ancestral family and community principles and ethical and moral standards, passing through production and trade relations, solidarity and ​social responsibility, forms of community and state administration; up to a very complex system of laws, rules, uses and customs that embodied free work by the community, the stewardships and charges system, which allowed the orderly and balanced community life as well as relationships and exchanges with other communities or states. The challenge is not to love people when they are beautiful, but to love them when they are not. Finally, education also prepares individuals from childhood to "serve" the community, to obey and respect hierarchies, learning that the community interest is more important than the individual. ... Toltec (1) Toltec Mythology (7) Uncategorized (24) Wisdom (37) Archives. All the large and ancient civilizations, have followed the long road of their "human development" through a complex and elaborate structure of knowledge that explain and give sense to the individual life, the family, community and State. Guillermo Marín Sometimes you are the recipient of what other people express from their  belief system. Thus, the toltec, symbolically represented the balance desired between spirit and matter, through "Quetzal-cóatl". Mathematical calculations to decipher celestial mechanics made it possible for the Anahuac civilization ​to have the most accurate calendar in antiquity. The sense of historical and social responsibility was exalted in students, the path was higher education. To the girls, planting, cooking, healing, raise, grow plants, weaving and embroidery. ​In this way the constructive efforts long periods of the Anahuac can be understood. Take the time to look more closely at what you really want. RAMON MENA Y JUAN JENKINS These appeals were memorized and transmitted from parents to children for centuries, so it remained in the collective subconscious of the sons of the sons of the old grandparents, Mexicans of today, a standard of conduct, education acquired through the centuries of exercise from generation to generation applied at home and in popular culture. From where it is assessed that cencalli means "the large house of those who live entirely together". Huehuetlahtolli, translated by Angel María Garibay. Wikimedia Foundation, 18Apr. The father and the mother shall have as fundamental objective their children education, in the Matritense Codex of the Royal Palace, we take these descriptions: The father of people cares for all, Don Miguel Ruiz is a renowned spiritual teacher and internationally bestselling author of the “Toltec Wisdom Series,” including “The Four Agreements,” “The Mastery of Love,” “The Voice of Knowledge,” “The Four Agreements Companion Book,” “The Circle of Fire,” and “The Fifth Agreement.” 1985. 1964 Historia Antigua de México. Serves everyone, No other humanity ancient people acted this way. For these young people there was the calmecac, which literally means "house of measure". Look, son, do not be a thief, nor a gambler, because you shall fall in great ​dishonor." A heart strong as stone, The same applied at home and in public spaces. Published at ToltecSpirit.com   Guidance based in the Four Agreements for  Spiritual Warriors seeking happiness and love. As a result, "equilibrium" is achieved through "the measure". Utilitarianism, pragmatism and individualism, have imposed, over the humanist, spiritual and community senses. The conquerors and missionaries were very wrong in judging things they never knew. We say “Warrior” because there is a battle to be fought. On the contrary, life is faced as a challenge of great effort and suffering and hard work, which has some bonuses, "my child in this world, is the place of weeping and afflictions, and discontent, where there is cold and unpleasant air and great heat from the Sun that afflicts us, and is a place of hunger and thirst: this is a great truth and from experience we know." This sense started from the human being conception, education beginning and end. Gives them their path, Knowledge centres were closer to the eastern cultures monasteries. One could assert that civilization itself was based in education. Mothers disciplined their daughters in household chores. This is the mastery of intent, the mastery of the spirit, the mastery of love, the mastery of gratitude, and the mastery of life. They were instead, teachers familiar with millennial knowledge that versed on the ability of the human being self-conceiving capacity as an energy charge, and understanding the world around them as an energy conglomerate and perhaps, most importantly, conceiving themselves as "energy creators". They were very well cared for by all members of the family and led a virtuous life, preparing for marriage and family life. They learned at an early age to make tortillas, embroidery, weaving and spinning, to wash and maintain the house scrupulously clean. México. In them, is a millenary tradition of values to guide the formation of an individual, which was polished over the centuries and which contains the life wisdom and experience of a civilization. The quetzal symbolizes the most beautiful bird that elevates their plumage to the divine heights of the Spirit. The means to accomplish it were very strict and severe activities, a myriad of practical occupations to achieve responsibility, discipline, perseverance, self-reliance, and academic, artistic and sporting activities. And when that tool, technique, practice, or philosophy is taken too far, it can become it’s own dogmatic trap that create unhappiness and suffering. As well as community chores as cleaning temples and public buildings, prepare food for dignitaries, ​officials and visitors, as well as collaborating in the preparation community meals. If something is a law it operates all the time everywhere. diligent, digs the earth, Places them before a large mirror, The Four Agreements and common sense Toltecspirit analysis: hosting server is located in United States. People capable of living in harmony in society, respectful of the laws and religious norms; productive, self-sufficient and solidary, capable of creating a home and a family, and maintaining the traditions and customs. As a spiritual warrior,,, you will not develop real personal power until you develop awareness and win over your mind from fear. 2001 Rostro y Corazón del Anáhuac. ​Through the practice of values, the student may acquire and adequately use knowledge, for his personal benefit, the family and the community. The common human being was called "macehual", which means, "the deserving" of the sacrifice of the gods. first of all, a call for education. So "the Toltec" belonged to all peoples of the Anahuac and the so-called knowledge centers, which we know today as "archaeological sites", were the places where they investigated, practiced and taught complex and deep knowledge to transcend the limited material living spaces and penetrate the unfathomable mysteries of the spirit and energy.

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