theories of existence

The question still remains how RNA got here in the first place. Have you ever wondered about the origin of the universe? The earliest milestone in the self-concept theory is that of Rene Descartes, who proposed that a person’s existence depended on how he perceives so. Multiverse Theory: We All Have a Doppelganger (image via: kevin dooley) The cold might have also helped these molecules to survive longer, allowing key reactions to happen. The white hole is an area of spacetime which cannot take any matter in from the outside, only spit it out. The final theory is truly out of this world. Actually, I ascribe to a vast, perhaps infinite, volume of Nothingness (see Einstein’s “Relativity”) containing the already existent presence of gravity. New York, This theory suggests that the universe has an infinite age and size. Since the universe is the same everywhere all the time, it has no beginning and no end. Meaning, a white hole could be the birth of a star or a multitude of them. I Love to watch the documentaries explaining all the new discoveries. Philosophers before us like Aristotle, Aquinas and others who reason in the line of causation seem to provide a better answer. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? the latter theory supports the idea that we all have doppelgangers. Around 13.7 billion years ago, simply speaking, everything we know of in the cosmos was an infinitesimal singularity. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Hey Hurd, I don’t think its even more about being spiritual but rather by reason which is presumably common to all humans. You and I are just a configuration of particles, so sooner or later we’re going to repeat. Over millions of years, larger and more complex molecules could form. One day they will advance beyond relativity and quantum theory and that will be the second big step. Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. In modern times, the Big bang theory is widely acknowledged. There is 17 to 33 times more energy involved than usually given in the calculation…. While many are common theories we’ve heard before, all of them are intriguing. And one theory is out of this world! The entry has examined some of those problems and surveyed a number of different accounts of existence. The universe may have strange origins, much like this one. The next idea is a chilling thought. This layer of ice, possibly hundreds of feet thick, might have protected fragile organic compounds in the water below from ultraviolet light and destruction from cosmic impacts. We do, however, have theories which help us understand how the birth of the universe may have occurred. In this theory, it seems the universe started in a cold and empty pre-existence. We do, however, have theories which help us understand how the birth of the universe may have occurred. Physicists have theorized that there could be infinite universes existing next to each other in a sort of giant patchwork quilt, that the Big Bang led to the generation of many other ‘bubble universes’ and that parallel universes hover just outside of our own. Of course, this is just a hypothetical theory, created by the idea of relativity which is from the brain of Albert Einstein. –wantAbud _____________ * That might explain why there is not an easy explanation of a Unified Theory–a mingling of two environments 1/2 being gravity– 1/2 the rest of the universe’s forces, like water and oil, but homogenized per plank time. This theory is based on new mathematical models of the spiraling motion of matter falling into a black hole. Material from the collapsed star formed a 3-dimensional membrane around the event horizon. Visit our corporate site. Maybe we’ve been scrambled similar to this before. Another example would be a theory claiming the existence of a perpetual motion machine that is kept secret. larger and more complex molecules could form, JFK conspiracy theory is debunked in Mexico 57 years after Kennedy assassination, Banned in 160 Nations, Why is Ractopamine in U.S. Pork? Other nucleic acids other than RNA have been suggested as well, such as the more esoteric PNA or TNA. There is a perfect cosmologic principle which states that the universe is the same no matter where you look. Some conspiracy theories claim the existence or non-existence of certain entities. Researchers then posited that if gravitational waves’ existence could be confirmed by additional study, it could prove the theory of cosmic inflation. The answer may be RNA, which can store information like DNA, serve as an enzyme like proteins, and help create both DNA and proteins. However, this was the belief until the 1960s. Well, with the slow freeze theory, that is very possible. These scientific and philosophical theories about the origin and nature of existence can be major head-scratchers, but there are at least a handful of physicists around the world who support each one. This is why it’s called the pulsating theory. Sherrie manages multiple mental illnesses, including anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Then expansion occurred within the membrane, hence the universe we know. This statement is astounding! Hence it is necessary that there must be some First cause that put everything in motion. With this background and personal experience, she strives to help others overcome trauma and abuse, cope with mental illness, and heal over time. You will receive a verification email shortly. Well, of course, most of you have. Learning Mind is a blog created by Anna LeMind, B.A., with the purpose to give you food for thought and solutions for understanding yourself and living a more meaningful life. No beginning and no end. White holes work in the opposite manner. We have two last ideas to throw at you . [Related: The Ingredients of Life]. 6 Deep-Rooted Reasons, 7 Times When Distancing Yourself from Someone Is Necessary. what was before big bang,how is it that matter or a ball that exploded come ins in to existence.its really funny to think that there was a big ball that exploded and universe came into being.The universe with laws so precise and accurate on the basis of that we can calculate and determine physical laws so without any flaw. But what about multiple universes within a single external universe? Another idea is utterly chilling. These scientific and philosophical theories about the origin and nature of existence can be major head-scratchers, but there are at least a handful of physicists around the world who support each one. Instead of sucking matter in, they spit it out. Your physical body may repeat, but your mental configuration can be a little bit different, so there might be an evil version of you, and a version that loves skydiving.”. Charles Q. Choi - Live Science Contributor Many people believe what surrounds them are huge filaments of ions and electrons. Learning Mind does not provide medical, psychological, or any other type of professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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