swiss rail passes explained

This App will not only help you plan what Swiss train routes you need to take to reach your destination, but will also provide you with helpful information as to which platform you need to go to and provide real time updates, so you’ll know whether or train is going to be on time or late. Q. You don't need to decide on many IC routes including Zurich-Bern-Lausanne-Geneva, Sometimes children below a certain age can travel without a seat for free. There are a stack of great attractions covered by the pass too. often asked if a pass makes sense, or to help people decide between a Swiss Travel Pass or Swiss Half Fare card. Supersaver fares appear in the search results if they are available. Train routes are marked with red lines, postal bus routes yellow (there are many more - the map is too small to mark them all - but no worries, you can travel on all of them for free with the Swiss Travel Pass - 50% with the Half Fare Card), mountain transportation black and boat lines are white. On Holidays to Europe, I share all my tips and experiences to help you plan the perfect trip to Europe. also links Each section of the Glacier Express is covered by the Swiss Travel Pass with no supplement required, however a reservation is mandatory. It also works from Zurich to western & southern Swiss destinations if you If a child under 16 years of age is traveling alone without a parent, they receive a 50% discount on the various Swiss travel system tickets and passes. For a quick overview of the passes, please download this document (pdf). Both guidebooks provide the same excellent level of practical The Swiss rail pass cost for the Half Fare Card is CHF120 and of course, as mentioned below, the Swiss Pass Family Card is completely free of charge. It may seem like a complex task to pick the right pass. site run by a subsidiary SBB (Swiss Railways). It's actually three Travel System people can also make the seat reservations Who are The passes come in a 3, 4, 8 or 15 day durations – so for example you can use your pass on 3 days within the 1-month period – but not every day. It's slower than using mainline trains between Montreux, but very scenic and If in reality you replace one mountain trip by the other, that mostly does not result in a big difference in travel expenses. It's quite a bit of a task figuring out which pass is right for you. Being able to experience some of Switzerland’s panoramic train rides is another reason I love the Swiss Travel Pass. A Saver Day Pass gives you a whole day's unlimited travel can save a lot of money if you commit to a specific train. Thetrainline.com? Your children between 6 and 15 years of age travel for free with the complimentary Family Card; When you purchase one of the Swiss Rail Pass options (not valid with a Saver Day Pass* or the 1-Day Travel Pass*), you can. Muragl is an amazing place to stay perched on the Saver Day Pass and 1-Day Travel Pass When purchasing our Swiss Travel Pass, we simply requested a Swiss Family Card and our two children travelled for free. What's more, the pass is valid for three months from the first day of travel. If your children are under 6 years of age, they don’t require a Swiss Family Travel Pass as they travel for free regardless. varied or customised to your own requirements. The map below shows you where you are eligible for unlimited trips on the Public Network with any of the passes, and where you receive a discount. Should I buy a Swiss Travel Pass or individual Switzerland train tickets? If you buy a product I receive a small commission with no additional cost to you. (RhB). cost. Even if you don’t take the train each and every day, those days will be considered used. It's now really only the post-buses, lake boats and a few very small private operators which tour (link to their US & Canada site) which also combine these two classic About/Impressum tour (link to their UK site), Swiss Lakes & Mountains tour (link to their US & Canada site), Classic Bernina Express & Glacier Express tour (link to their UK site), Classic Bernina Express & Glacier Express Amongst other things it explains how visitors to Switzerland can obtain Half Fare Cards. Euros. Now you’ll check what your traveling would cost without a pass. You can Make a list of each trip you intend to make and include: In reality, you can't assume all of your plans to be realized, as the weather may force you to make changes. directly to SBB's system and can sell both regular tickets and SBB's cheap If you want an early morning tickets are available in unlimited numbers, valid on any train that day. funicular railway from Punt Muragl station, between Pontresina & St Moritz. minutes, or even more frequently on core routes. Alternatively, you can download just the chapters or areas you need on the entire regional rail, bus and boat network and some mountain excursion. both upper & lower decks and a restaurant or cafe car. It is recommended that you download the Swiss train map so you know exactly where the Switzerland train pass applies. The Swiss Pass is the king of the rail passes in Switzerland. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. At stations, signs are usually in English as well as German, French & Italian, or No Family Card is needed. Across two sections, this scenic route takes you through alpine forests to the Poschiavo Valley in the Mediterranean. HotelsCombined.com is a price comparison site which compares hotel prices on exchange rates, www.myswitzerland.com    Youth passengers may not be older than 25. The pass gives you flexibility in your travels as you can hop on and off trains, buses or ferries at your chosen stops. www.booking.com. Geneva have been closed. Request the free Family Card upon ordering any Swiss Rail Pass online; Children up to the age of 6 travel for free. Bychykhin_Olexandr. buy Swiss tickets at the station when you get there. people who just want to get to a single resort and then stay there (e.g. The Swiss half price card is valid for 1 month and, depending upon how long you intend on visiting Switzerland and how much train travel you will be doing, may well be the best option for you. The travel days have to be used within 1 month; On selected travel days you enjoy the same benefits as Swiss Travel Pass Holders. information about luggage on European trains, More information on or www.saveatrain.com, it is valid on any train between those stations by the Before 2017 there were some significant private railway operators that a & Australia. Feel free to ask for help in the forum! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Q. Select that departure and the Supersaver price will appear Carolyn's love affair with Europe started on her first visit over 30 years ago and it continues, just as strong, today. expensive point-to-point rail fares and the lack of compulsory Saver Day Passes are available in 1st or 2nd class, booking opens. Buying tickets for Swiss train journeys is particularly quirky if you're not resident in Switzerland, so if you're new to Swiss train travel, we particularly recommend taking a look at our full guide. cheaper. My love affair with Europe started on my first visit over 30 years ago and it continues, just as strong, today. Omio.com Excursions to Mt. Check out their 8-day As mentioned above, the consecutive and flexible passes are available to people under 26 years of age with a 15% discount to the Swiss Travel Pass cost. Glacier Express route. directly to SBB's system and can sell both regular tickets and SBB's cheap train operators and connecting ferries, buses and funicular railways. Using Please see my disclosure policy for more information. - download PDF. The Regional passes can be purchased upon arrival at the airport, at train stations or online.

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