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or sambar powder or pav bhaji masala or 1 tbsp idli podi. I am so new to snake gourd so some pics would be much appreciated.. Hi swasthi….what is the alternative for vepudu Karam/idli podi??? Snake gourd can also be steamed in a cooker or steamer until tender. Mix it well and cover it for anther 5 minutes. My kids love change every time so I experiment a lot to make the snake gourd dish interesting. The dish is slightly spiced, and posto or poppy seed paste is the star of the dish. It is not a healthy way though so I don’t do it. Step 3: Now add turmeric powder, salt and coriander powder, mix it well and then add water soaked tur dal in it. I am sharing with you step by step preparation to make padwal. But the variety we get here in Singapore are very juicy and tend to become mushy when cooked. I love your website too! I ask because my dad used to eat snake on his travels. Snake gourd tastes bland by itself so I usually flavor it up with some spice powders like. Take tur dal and soak it into a water. Most of us does not like snake guard recipes. Cut the snake gourd to 2 to 3 pieces and cut them vertically. Add cumin and mustered seeds and let it spluttered in oil, after that add chopped green chili and onion in oil, fry until it will get a smooth texture. Step 1: Take a snake gourd and wash it well, then scratch out the inside seeds of it, cut it in thin slices. Then just add a tempering to it and sprinkle fresh grated coconut. Snake gourds have a natural whitish layer coated over them. Snake gourd curry is ready. Vegetable and Sprouts Kootu, a delicious sync of vegetables and sprouts subtly flavoured with a delectable blend of South Indian spices. Basically this preparation made by using very less ingredients. Place the snake gourd slices in a bowl sprinkle salt, mix and set aside for 3-5 minutes. However some breeds of this veggie smell very strong, no matter how we clean and cook. but try this is a very delicious. Snake gourd can be substituted with tomato and onion for a variety. Tuvar Dal water [split pigeon peas]- Soaked in warm 3 /.. Or Sign In here, if you are an existing member. The timid padwal is hardly given a thought when planning special menus. I include different kinds of gourds in our diet. This step removes most of the odor. nice one, healthy stir fry i love this veg so much, Healthy very delicious and inviting stir fry ! Discard the seeds and the pith or the white pulp inside. Check after 5 minutes, if it not cooked then cover it again and cook for another 2 minutes. Some times they also taste bitter especially those grown during the hot summers. Is it actually made from snake? Then we rub the entire veggie with some sea salt and rinse off under running water. Wonderful, a 5**** recipe. If your wondering how to cook snake gourd then explore this recipe. Hi Gayathri Ohh woww..that’s great!… Actually this vegetable looks like snake. For security reasons (specially on shared computers), proceed to Google and sign out from your Google account. It is very important to choose a young snake gourd as the older ones are tougher to cook and may taste bitter. Stir fry until the raw smell of chilli powder goes away. Simple & healthy side dish made by stir frying snake gourd or potlakaya or pudalangai with spices & herbs. Sorry couldn’t help you on this Like all other veggies, this vegetable also has a lot of health benefits. Hello Rita Ma’am If you are new to this veggie then this post is going to help you learn how to choose snake gourd, how to clean & prepare it for cooking. Wash the snake gourd and slice it very fine, as thin as you can possibly do it, the individually sliced snake gourd will now look like crescents. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a4a59737029a34b322400ea43b541ed4" );document.getElementById("c64f4b4326").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Snake gourd is also know as pudalangai, potlakaya, padavalakai and of course padwal. The older ones are harder and tougher to cook. Add a tempering of mustard seeds and asafetida and you have a delicious and cooling salad recipe Recipe# 35750 09 Dec 11 It is a new version of the regular parwal sabji. Thank you, When first time when I heard the name of this vegetable my question was what is snake gourd in hindi? After that I fix my own word / name for this vegetable, because it is looks like snake I used to called it snake vegetable. If you are unable to find snake gourd, substitute it with … Basically in south India this preparation is served as side dish with samabar or rasam, but in west and North India you will find the preparation served with roti, bhakri or dal-rice. This is because my mum and mom in law ran the kitchen and I had a career that took a lot of my time. then the topic started in my house, and after a deep discussion I come to know that, Snake gourde means chichinda in hindi. I never bring snake gourd at my home, this time my husband brought this vegetable. After 2 decades of experience in practical Indian cooking I started this blog to help people cook better & more often at home. Sprinkle salt, turmeric, & chilli powder. Low Calorie Snacks Snake gourd salad is a novel salad recipe with chopped snake gourd or turai added to curd, salt and cumin seed powder. Are you sure you want to delete this review ? I use this. Posto is a traditional bengali dish. Do you have any other ideas? More vegetable stir fry recipes,sorakaya frybhindi fryyam roastdrumstick leaves stir frybrinjal potato recipe, For best results follow the step-by-step photos above the recipe card. But saute for a while to remove the raw flavor of chilli powder. So my mom always would sprinkle salt over the chopped veggie and set aside for some time. An easy to make spicy dal with padwal or snake gourd. Step 4: Let’s check the tur dal is cooked or not, if it is cooked then add snake gourd in this mixture. Snake gourd recipe – Snake gourd is a vegetable used in Indian cuisine and goes by the name padawal in hindi, potlakaya in telugu and pudalangai in tamil. Cover and cook until it is soft and tender. Reduce the flame completely. So I searched ur recipe & this tasted awesome by adding ur VEPUDU KARAM from ur blog. And many thanks for stopping by my blog. It is most commonly used to make stir fry, curry or added to curd chutney. You can also sprinkle 2 tbsps coconut if you have. ▢ Glad to know you! The variety that we get in our region of Karnataka are less juicy and can easily get a crisp texture after they are stir fried. Now that my mom is ailing I look for recipes on the internet and whenever there’s one with your name I know that it’s fail-safe and the tips and details are what I look out for. Snake gourd … Share your feedback, leave your comments in comment box.“. Copyright © Cookpad Inc. All Rights Reserved. In Marathi it is called Padwal. This way the veggies get a crisp texture when fried and the smell also vanishes. I only know a lot of people stir fry and freeze them. He’s adventurous in his cuisine. . In this post, I am sharing a simple snake gourd stir fry recipe. Mix well and off the heat. Snake gourd Recipes of India. Ridge gourd, bottle gourd, ivy gourd and this snake gourd are some of the most common veggies we use at home. Serve snake gourd curry with rice and rasam. Then cut onion, green chili and coriander leaves. Tastes great with hot rice or chapattis. Then cut onion, green chili and coriander leaves. By swasthi , on May 21, 2019, 15 Comments, Jump to Recipe. Sometimes I just use some grated coconut and stir fry. This is best had with rice. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. [ finely chopped. Apart from that I have also shared some variations I make to this recipe. The taste of this vegetable is pretty bland and smell is also strong. Hi Swasthi I have taken over cooking and kitchen duties for the first time even though in am now in my early Sixties. This is very easy and healthy recipe too. You can also add coconut if you have. Jhansi. The hybrid varieties do not smell much. We usually serve this snake gourd stir fry with sambaror rasam as a side. Thank you Step 1: Take a snake gourd and wash it well, then scratch out the inside seeds of it, cut it in thin slices. Yes you can use chilli powder. snake gourd (scrub the skin and chopped into fine), onion chopped into fine, green chilli split into two, red chilli for seasoning, ginger finely chopped, Bengal gram Dhall, Curry and coriander leaves for garnish, mustard for seasoning. Alternative quantities provided in the recipe card are for 1x only, original recipe. This has to be scraped off with a knife first. Wow! If the respective id is not registered, a new Tarladalal.com account will be created. I told you about name because I think it will give you a clear idea. View Mailer Archive. It is a good fit with this recipe. Medium Size ... [ Peeled , cored and diced, Tomato .

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