modern italian kitchen cabinets

Click the links below to explore Aran Cucine’s modern kitchen cabinet collections. An innovative solution for modern kitchen cabinets made of a highly durable material, ideal for young households. We work exclusively with Aran Cucine, the leading Italian manufacturer of modern kitchen cabinets. Excelsa collection is in dark wood tones and consists of a kitchen island, a kitchenette and open shelves, with a magnificent big black cooking island with curved legs while Italia and Cotton collections feature cabinets in light tones and accent colors that enhance the overall impression of rustic luxury. Despite the clear graphics and monumentality of the forms, some models of Italian built-in kitchen cabinets create an effect of weightlessness and a sense of lightness due to a large amount of glass and open shelves. Wood, glass and metal are combined to give a fascinating design and make you dream of warm sunny days by the sea. PediniUSA: Italian Design Kitchens, Cabinets, Bathrooms & European Living. Bold Lacquered Purple . Aran Cucine has developed a unique system that eliminates all exposed screws and uses a drilling scheme that maximizes internal space as well as modern hinges. Our modern kitchen cabinets allow you to have a luxury kitchen without the ridiculous price point. We work exclusively with Aran Cucine, the leading Italian manufacturer of modern kitchen cabinets. Classic & Modern Italian Kitchens. Aran Cucine has been producing kitchens in Italy since 1962 and is committed to providing quality products at a very reasonable price point. A modern kitchen must be able to meet the daily needs of today and tomorrow. Snaidero is one of the leading brands Italian designs that can satisfy every need of home chefs. HOME. For those of you who prefer a less colorful but equally modern look, the kitchens are designed with cool stainless steel countertops and wooden fronts. Most of the wood used to build Aran Cucine’s striking modern kitchen cabinets is purchased from companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and 90% of the waste generated in the manufacturing process is recycled. Valcucine presents revolutionary kitchen systems which combine functionality, innovative design, technology and organization. What really turns up the flame on this are the purple cabinets from Italian cabinet maker Scavolini. All rights reserved. In our company, you will find the widest selection of modern European kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles. Latini cucine classic modern italian kitchens and design italian kitchen white top necessary latest cabinets. What started in the early 60s as the small brainchild of Giuseppe Arangiaro, MITON modern has evolved into a multinational corporation still dedicated to providing the utmost excellent modern Italian cabinetry. The furniture, which consists of Italian cabinets, is designed by Italian specialists who know perfectly well what is important in the kitchen. Archisesto Contemporary Italian Kitchens Bathrooms Chicago Green And White Color Combinations. A minimalist kitchen by Ulisse Narcisi for the discerning customer demanding style, quality, and value. Modern kitchen cabinets – To love is to form a romantic bond, and to live is to savor the various aromas of life. Binova’s kitchens provide storage space, elegant counters in a compact form, where comfort and functionality are the focus. All variants of the modern kitchens from Italy combine high aesthetics and perfect engineering solutions. We maintain a relationship with the leading Italian manufacturers and brands, to provide our customers with the highest quality Italian-made products. The shelves spice up the design by adding color accents. Italian kitchen cabinets – modern and ergonomic kitchen designs, Modern Italian kitchen cabinets from Arclinea, Italian kitchen cabinets from L’Ottocento – classic and modern style designs, Italian kitchen cabinets from Pedini – modern kitchens with trendy design, Exclusive Italian kitchen cabinets from Valcucine, Contemporary Italian kitchen cabinets form Snaidero, Minimalist kitchens – Italian kitchen cabinets form Boffi, Stylish Italian kitchen cabinets from Binova. Italian kitchen cabinets from Pedini – modern kitchens with trendy design. Their modern kitchens offer the ultimate in convenience when cooking and are suitable for both large and small spaces. MEF- provides the best quality Italian modern cabinets, closets, bathroom vanities, wall units in Los Angeles. Materials range from solid natural wood to high-tech engineered laminates and polymers. Snaidero places a great emphasis not only to the quality of materials and finishes, but also to the interesting shapes. In our company, you will find the widest selection of modern European kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles. Met is a seamlessly integrated compact kitchen design solution ideal for small kitchens and living rooms. As a supplier of modern MITON products, we are proud to provide high-end modern contemporary Italian kitchen cabinets. View and Download the Aran Cucine Catalog on Issuu.com. We work with homeowners, architects and developers on single-family home remodeling projects and multi-unit developments. The different versions that are available provide various design opportunities for interiors with exceptional visual aesthetics. Are you going to order modern Italian kitchen cabinets? Top modern italian kitchen cabinets with 42 pictures with tube design italian kitchen cabinets for american kitchen gray white color pallete, italian kitchen furniture white furniture of the classic italian color pallete. Latini cucine classic modern italian kitchens with modern italian kitchens. We design, sell, and install these cutting-edge Italian kitchens for residential and multi-unit properties. A stylish modern kitchen cabinet collection that lives up to its namesake, in more than 100 color and texture combinations. The latest collections offer a look of refined luxury, spaciousness and clarity. Aran Cucine has been producing kitchens in Italy since 1962 and is committed to providing quality products at a very reasonable price point. Our talented team of designers will help you realize your dream kitchen! We offer sales, design, and fabrication of all types of quartz and natural stone for kitchen and bathroom countertops via our in-house fabrication facility, Bay StoneWorks.Let us help you explore the different countertop surface options and preview color choices, as well as envision how the backsplash, cabinets, flooring, and countertop selection will all fit together in your new kitchen. That’s why the modern Italian kitchen cabinets, there are practically no competitors. Modern kitchen cabinets are the best embodiment of quality, style, and functionality. Granite countertops maple cabinets houzz and c bolt screw antique octagonal hardware store. Copyright 2020 - CDI Cabinetry - All rights reserved. Cabinet drawers and baskets have an optimal capacity of 65 lbs. Phone: (650) 843–0901 © 2020 European Cabinets & Design Studios. Fax: (650) 843–0981, Showroom Hours:Tues. – Sat., 11AM–6PMVisit Showroom, Showroom Hours: Tues. – Sat., 11AM–6PMVisit Showroom. Modern Italian kitchen cabinets feature clean, simple lines which work with contemporary interior designs. A futuristic kitchen by famed industrial designer Karim Rashid—a minimalist approach with maximum storage. Once we start the kitchen design process, you’ll get layouts, elevations, and state-of-the-art 3D color perspectives. With a wide variety of shapes and colors to choose from, these unique kitchen solutions will draw close families closer and serve as a hub for entertaining friends. Our elite cabinets for the modern kitchen manufactured in Italy are made from precious wood with the use of expensive fittings and stylish decorative trim elements. Every Aran Cucine kitchen is crafted to order in Italy. Boffi offers a number of collections of kitchen systems in different versions – Aprile, Duemilaotto, Hide, K14, On/OFF, Open, Salinas, etc. per kitchen cabinet pair. Convenient auxiliary mechanisms guarantee the simple and pleasant use of kitchen cabinets from Italy in Los Angeles. Discover the vast range of modern kitchen collections and configurations in the Valcucine catalogue, available in quality materials such as wood, glass etc.

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