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This article is based on the summary version of the report on the Global Power City Index 2011, which was published October, 2011. Every year since 2008, the Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Strategies has analyzed the relative strengths and weaknesses of 44 of the world’s best-known and best-loved cities. 31 and No. Cities, impacted by COVID-19, will need to retrain workers who have lost jobs in the pandemic or risk losing residents. 24 to No. Laut "Bloomberg" hatten zuvor auch die Wirtschaftsmagazine "The Economist" und "Euromoney" jeweils New York als besten Unternehmensstandort gewählt. That’s the conclusion of a study that puts London at the top of the Global Power City Index (GPCI) for the seventh year running. For example, Tokyo’s No. In addition to its high overall ranking, Tokyo ranks among the top five cities in five out of six function-specific areas. While San Francisco comes in 21st in the overall Global Power City Index, its rank rises to 9th for Researchers and 11th for Artists. In a few cases, the rankings and scores for some cities may raise questions about the choice of sub-indicators and construction of certain aspects of the indexes. "Wir wollten ein Maß finden, das Wirtschafts- und Regierungsentscheidern hilft, die Weltstädte zu identifizieren, die in Zukunft am attraktivsten für Mitarbeiter, Ideen, Kapital und Waren sind", sagte Mike Hales von A.T. Kearney laut "Bloomberg". “Therefore, cities that strive to provide an attractive and welcoming urban environment for their people will be best poised to succeed as global power cities,” the report says. Each city’s multi-colored bar indicates the extent to which the six components of the Global Power City Index contribute to that city’s overall score. 4 spot.”. New York City ist weltweit die Stadt mit der größten wirtschaftlichen Macht - gefolgt von London, Paris, Tokio und Hongkong. Since last year, Beijing has fallen from 13th to 23rd in the rankings due to weaker performance in the accessibility measure, which looks at a city’s connectedness and transport networks. The differences between New York and London are more a matter of degree than kind, though seemingly minor differences in rank can mask large competitive advantages, particularly in the R&D function. The authors constructed a general profile for each type of city user with a set of specific behavioral and demographic characteristics. 33 and Boston in the next-to-last position at No. London still manages to perform better than the average of its counterparts in these areas. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Strong representation in the economy and environment categories led to San Francisco rising from 17th to 13th. Meanwhile, Shanghai fell from 15th to 26th. Global Power City Index (GPCI) - Institute for Urban Strategies What is the GPCI? As used in the index, the R&D function encompasses several sub-indicators, including: “Research Background,” “Research Achievement,” and “Readiness for Accepting and Supporting Researchers.”  While London ranks fourth in R&D behind Boston in third and Tokyo in second, New York’s R&D score of 76.3 is 17.5 points higher than Tokyo’s second place score of 58.8 and 33.8 points higher than London’s fourth place score of 42.1. In this regard, the Global Power City Index is more comparable to The Urban Elite Global Cities Index by A.T. Kearney, Foreign Policy and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs than the well-known annual Livability and Quality of Living surveys by the Economist and Mercer, respectively. Dennoch trauen die Studienautoren diesen Städten zusammen mit München (31, vorher 33 und 35) zu, ein Netzwerk für weiteren nationalen Erfolg zu bilden. The six factors scrutinized are: economy, research and development, cultural interaction, livability, environment, and accessibility. The table below presents the overall and function-specific scores and rankings for several of the major Asian cities in the index. The Global Power City Index provides a ranking of the urban competitiveness of 35 world cities based on their international “magnetism.”   This desirable-yet-elusive trait is defined as a city’s “comprehensive power to attract creative people and excellent companies from around the world amidst accelerated interurban competition.” Sean Fleming, Senior Writer, Formative Content. For each profile, the researchers identify a set of sub-indicators from the relevant six functional areas that reflect a city’s fit with the user group’s needs and circumstances. Major U.S. cities are particularly competitive in R&D and as a destination for researchers. Given the global competition between cities, the Global Power City Index (GPCI) evaluates and ranks the major cities of the world according to their “magnetism,” or their comprehensive power to attract people, capital, and enterprises from around the world. New York, London, Paris and Tokyo represent a distinct first tier of the world’s most competitive global cities. New York City wurde erneut zur mächtigsten Stadt der Welt gekürt (Quelle: Reuters). The Manager profile example from the summary version of the report consists of a middle-aged expatriate businessman with a family who is taking on a promotion in a foreign branch office. The performance of major European cities lags overall, but improves when viewed through the lens of a unique set of actor-specific city rankings for artists, residents and visitors. Wir empfehlen unseren kostenlosen t-online.de Browser: jetzt den t-online.de Browser installieren, Global Cities Index: Die mächtigsten Städte der Welt, Letztes Video von Karl Dall rührt zu Tränen, Die Minute nach dem Unfall ist völlig irre, In aller Stille kümmert sich Melania ein letztes Mal, Schöneberger packt aus: So sieht's unten drunter aus, Roth greift gegen "Maske" von AfD-Politiker durch, Fahrzeug legt Vollbremsung hin – so reagiert der Tesla, Experte befürchtet deutsche Immobilienblase‎, Immer mehr Abzocke durch vermeintliche Energieberater. Moskau und Wien machten im Ranking den größten Sprung nach vorne: Die russische Hauptstadt verbesserte sich von 25 auf 19, Österreichs Hauptstadt arbeitete sich von Platz 18 auf Rang 15 vor. According to the GPCI’s authors, this creates a virtuous circle in some cities – opportunities created by an influx of people and wealth attract yet more people and wealth. Increased globalization has seen greater movement of people and capital around the world. Kairo und Bangkok rutschten dagegen am stärksten ab: Kairo von 43 auf 50 und Bangkok von 36 auf 43. The Mori Memorial Foundation’s site indicates the complete report will be available for on-line purchase later this year. New York and London finish at the top of The Mori Memorial Foundation‘s Global Power City Index 2011 with nearly identical overall scores of 320.9 and 320.6, respectively. Damit wir antworten können, geben Sie bitte Seemingly somewhat curious for such a famous travel destination, it only ranks 27th for Visitors. Across the border in Canada, Toronto (14th) and Vancouver (21st) scored highly for economy, livability and environment. The Institute for Urban Strategies is chaired by Professor Heizo Takenaka of Keio University in Tokyo. Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai take spots five, six and eight, respectively, with scores of 43.3 to 45.4. On the other hand, the authors also acknowledge that “although Tokyo is above average in all functions, it does not have the kind of stand-out strengths that the top three cities possess, thus keeping it firmly in the No. These six are, in turn, broken down into 70 different indicators which are all given a score. London comes top - again - in this annual list of the world's most powerful cities. The actor-specific rankings are interesting and informative, but their explanatory power and relevance may be hindered to some degree by what seems to be a rather prescriptive approach to the analysis. To an observer from the U.S., it’s likely surprising to see the Livability rankings of appealing cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston wind up below those of Mumbai, Beijing, Sao Paulo and Cairo. Peking und Shanghai trauen die Macher der Rangliste zu, in 10 bis 20 Jahren zu Rivalen aufzusteigen. Paris und Tokio tauschten mehrmals Platz 3 und 4, während Hongkong stets auf dem fünften Rang lag. 34, despite Moscow ranking last by a relatively wide margin for the Environment function. Der Global Cities Index wird seit 2008 alle zwei Jahre erstellt. The Global Power City Index provides a ranking of the urban competitiveness of 35 world cities based on their international “magnetism.”  This desirable-yet-elusive trait is defined as a city’s “comprehensive power to attract creative people and excellent companies from around the world amidst accelerated interurban competition.”  While New York, London, Paris and Tokyo top the latest version of the Global Power City Index by a healthy margin, other prominent Asian cities, such as Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong, perform well in a number of specific areas.

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