elder vaughn j featherstone time capsule letter

Ricciardi once said “if you want to punch Satan in the mouth………..open your mouth and preach”. A year after being with Ricciardi I was knocking doors in Nottingham, England when a man answered and we taught a family that let us in their home because 9 months earlier they had “promised an Italian chap” if any other Mormons came by they would “let them in.” Did we baptize this family in Nottingham ?
Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I would not have admitted it at the time because I was still too young and frankly immature to know, but it did not take me long to learn that his words that night were absolutely true.

By no means am I suggesting you are a witness in the way that our apostles and prophets are, I am saying that to see people change their lives, to love people from another place, is a testament to the existence of God and his son Jesus Christ. Nearly 8 months in that area and we finally saw someone step into the waters of baptism. His full name was Fabrizio Giovanni Spartico Ricciardi. … Ricciardi replied “I want nothing…….but to ask you one quick question”. A short time later, the busing controversy was resolved amicably in the courts. Here are some examples: when we would reach a neighborhood he would pull out the street map and we would pray right there in the middle of the street for guidance, I thought that was silly. (His scriptures where legendary in our mission for being marked up for theological warfare). It is at this time that the Lord tests you as a missionary. I woke up the next morning and became kind, and stopped making what was already hard work so much harder for a companion who cared so much. Big moment for me…very big.

We are harvesters Elder. October 13, 2015 Sorry, but I was already down about how bad I was at missionary work, and on top of that his version of tactful feedback was “much very terrible”? We were teaching a family. We studied, read scriptures, role played discussions then the same in personal study. It is a moment where you have to decide what is more important, obedience OR everything else…I was now praying to leave the city of Birmingham, because I’d had enough. Elder, you fear no man!” Something about those words got me pumped up! If gladly you’ll sweat for it, However, it is the light of the sun that allows me to see what I see, and that is how I know the sun exists.
One night after companion prayer, as we were going to bed, I went to his bedside and asked the Elder why he thought we were not getting along. Elder Featherstone also loved, supported and sustained his fellow General Authorities, noted Joseph M. Featherstone. Frankly, it sounds crazy. He told me that he was not napping, but in fact praying to the Lord for guidance. Ricciardi walked right into the living room, met the wife and kids, and admiring the television set they were transfixed by, commented “what a beautiful television, may we turn it off?” He hit the off switch. That is why mission success CAN ONLY HAVE ONE GUAGE, YOUR PERSONAL CONVERSION. It was while we began to ride out of the main mall area that Ricciardi spotted the two priests. The letter is about my friend’s mission experience, and in particular the important things he learned from his trainer. 17 Verily I say unto you, he that is ordained of me and sent forth to preach the word of truth by the Comforter, in the Spirit of truth, doth he preach it by the Spirit of truth or some other way? They were “golden”, which was a missionary term for “if there was a font in the backyard this was happening now”. “He was ‘a man’s man’ who loved the outdoors, hiking the Wasatch Mountains, taking a long drink from a clear stream, and swimming in any pond, lake or river he could find.”, He would take those dives even in frigid weather. One day while door knocking we met the most amazing Scottish couple in the town of Loughborough. So on one visit to their home Elder Ricciardi shocked me once again with his utter boldness. It is natural to use number of baptisms as the gauge of success. … No. The mission field has a dualpurpose to bring souls unto Christ, and to sift us as missionaries into the parts we will play throughout our lifetime in building the Lord’s kingdom – to prepare us for “leading” OR prepare us for “following”, both are important, but what are followers without leaders? The club pro finally advised me to stop taking lessons, go play and do one thing for him, just swing, swing, swing. Now I was REALLY angry. In fact, on the more difficult days (and you know there are always plenty of those), he smiled and laughed more. However, please know that we will be the ONLY new missionary companionship in the WHOLE mission not getting up early…I leave it up to you.” 13 Wherefore, I the Lord ask you this question—unto what were ye ordained?

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