diy outdoor sofa

I love the richness of the color and and it looks great against the fabric on the cushions. Use a miter saw and make the following cuts from the 2x3s: Note, if this is your first time building , check out my 6 easy tips for getting started with woodworking! Although the project costs a little more than I expected it to {about $165 for all the supplies/cushions/stain}, we were able to crank the whole thing out in about four hours. *If you have already subscribed, you can find this printable in the Free Printable Library. There really isn’t an issue with it being a single beam, other than it can be annoying at times because the pillows want to fall through. The boards should be spaced out 1 3/4″ from each other: Attach the 1×3 slat boards with a brad nailer and 2″ brad nails. Nothing says summer like the classic Adirondack chair. If you think daybeds are only for the indoors—think again!

If you make this DIY couch, please share it with me on social media @angelamariemade or #angelamariemade! Also, the steps for these side frames are exactly the same as the matching DIY outdoor chair. 12 Bars You Can Build at Home, 10 Affordable Landscaping Projects You Can DIY in a Day, 21 Clever Little Things to Do with Scrap Wood, 14 DIY Project Materials Hiding in Your Backyard, 10 Genius Ways to Make Your Backyard a Blast, The Best Outdoor Furniture for Under $100, Weekend Projects: 6 Designs for DIY Garden Furniture. To attach the seating slats, I used 3 of the 1 x 6 pressure-treated lumber pieces cut at 70”. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Many thanks, Easy peasy! After staining, let your couch dry for a full 24 hours, then add the cushions, and enjoy!!! The Best (and Weirdest) Things You Can Do with a Tree Stump, The Most Beautiful Chicken Coops We've Ever Seen, 8 Things You Never Thought to Frame—But Should. If you'd like a more refined picnic table, one that will fit right in at a dinner …

Your 2×4 couch is awesome! We didn’t realize until after the fact that the cushions had such terrible reviews; however, our patio is covered so they cushions won’t get wet. Then, grab a book and a lemonade, and settle in for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Not sure which one to buy. Consider it a little luxury in your own backyard! I love the colors you chose. The geometric bench back might seem complicated to replicate, but she reveals that the “angled cuts are all at 45 degrees,” which are simple to cut yourself or have done professional at your local home center. First, I attached the 4 x 4 top to each of the sides using a half lap joint on both sides as indicated above. Here are a few more cushion options here and here as well. I really like the reddish-brown look of the cedar-tone lumber. Therefore, I ripped the six inside supports (part “B” in the picture) to 2.5” wide, which allows the slats to sit flush with part “A”. You and your hubby did a fantastic job! It’s amazing. Which is perfect since we didn’t even start until Sunday afternoon. Only 2×4’s. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com. Then I screwed in the supports for the slats that will hold the cushions in place. We’ve got some DIY patio furniture in our future and this is some great inspiration for us to finally get started.

Paint or stain sofa/bench with exterior paint or stain. For more info see my disclosures here.

Sarah, Everything you need to know for this project is available at ana-white.com.

Now it’s time to add the horizontal slat boards to the side frames. This is especially convenient if you don’t own your own tools and/or don’t have a vehicle long enough to carry the full-length boards! Based on your response for the back rest comfort, I am going to make it a bit taller and add additional boards, probably horizontal. Check out my tutorial on how to stain wood for a beautiful finish and the best way to apply stain! Striped Pillow Covers – From Amazon & discontinued, Lumbar pillow – From Target a few years ago.

This DIY outdoor furniture project is so quick and easy, you’ll want to make a dozen chairs or more. The stain claimed to dry within an hour, but in our extreme heat and humidity, it was still tacky after a few hours. We were looking for a more comfortable solution!

Our sunroom really needed some cute outdoor furniture, so I came up with plans to build a DIY outdoor couch! It’s perfect!

We used these striped cushions that were on clearance at Lowe’s. Following are similar cushions that would work for this deep seat sofa. With autumn right around the corner, I know we will get a lot of use out of this patio sofa. If you haven’t sanded your boards yet (I like to do most of my sanding before starting), go ahead and sand them well. All of the exact board lengths are found here: https://www.ryobitools.com/nation/projects/2651. With our courtyard, we find that we rarely use our back patio for anything more than grilling and I thought it was time to change all that. This looks fabulous and I love your choice of cushions too. Related: The Best Outdoor Furniture for Under $100. But now after seeing them in the space, I love them and think they will work well to hide stains. This couch started from these three sizes of 2×4’s as mentione din the cut list.

You could substitute with 1 x 4's as well if they have those.

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