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Some of these words can also be considered Disturbation synonyms.

The correct meaning of Disturb in Hindi is रोकना. The Disturb meaning in Urdu will surely enhance your vocabulary.

Meaning and Translation of Disturb in Urdu Script and Roman Urdu with Reference and Related Words


Disturbation meanings in Urdu is تکلیف Disturbation in Urdu. Although we have added all of the meanings of Disturbation with utmost care but there could be human errors in the translation. Neighbouring country repeating attempts to disturb peace: J&K police - MENAFN.COM, - You can get more than one meaning for one word in Urdu. Need to translate "do not disturb" to Urdu? in his agitated state we could see he was unable to work upset implies the disturbance of normal or habitual functioning by disappointment, distress, or grief. We encourage everyone to contribute in adding more meanings to MeaningIn Dictionary by adding English to Urdu translations, Urdu to Roman Urdu transliterations and Urdu to English Translations. transitive v. To throw into disorder or confusion; to derange; to interrupt the settled state of; to excite from a state of rest. In case you want even more details, you can also consider checking out all of the definitions of the word Disturbation. You can find translation in Urdu and Roman Urdu that is uljhan mein daalna for the word Disturb. Disturb Meaning in English to Urdu is خلل ڈالنا, as written in Urdu and Khalal Daalna, as written in Roman Urdu.
"Ali bhai moved to USA with his family", Lay Place Pose Position Put Set : رکھنا Rakhna : put into a certain place or abstract location. Disturb is a verb (used with object) according to parts of speech. There are also several similar words to Disturb in our dictionary, which are Abidances, Afflict, Agitate, Alarm, Amaze, Annoy, Arouse, Astound, Complicate, Confound, Confuse, Depress, Discompose, Dishearten, Disrupt, Distract, Excite, Frighten, Gall, Grieve, Interfere, Interrupt, Intrude, Irk, Irritate, Muddle, Outrage, Pain, Perplex, Perturb, Pester, Pique, Plague, Rattle, Shake, Startle, Tire, Trouble, Unnerve, Unsettle, Vex, Worry, Provoke and Puzzle. پریشان کرنا Preshan Karna جذباتی طور پر پریشان کرنا Jazbati Tor Par Preshan Karna : Trouble Upset Disturb : (verb) move deeply. The synonyms and antonyms of Disturb are listed below. This will improve our English to Urdu Dictionary, Urdu to English dictionary, English to Urdu Idioms translation and Urdu to English Idioms translations. Disturb - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Disturb (پریشان کرنا - pareshan karna), Total 3 meanings for Disturb , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Disturb , Synonyms, Antonyms, English Definition and more. transitive v. To agitate the mind of; to deprive of tranquillity; to disquiet; to render uneasy.

It is written as Roknā in Roman Hindi.

Origin of Disturb Middle English: from Old French destourber, from Latin disturbare, from dis- ‘utterly’ + turbare ‘disturb’ (from turba ‘tumult’). Annex C: to disturb and take any wildlife listed in schedules 1, 5 and 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - GOV.UK, - بعض اوقات خفیف تکلیف بڑے دُکھ سے زیادہ تکلیف دہ ثابت ہوتی ہے, Little griefs make us tender great ones make us hard and unfeeling, تھوڑی تکلیف میں آنسو بڑی تکلیف میں سخت دِلی, Little griefs make us tender; great ones make us hard and unfeeling, دوسرے کی تکلیف کو وہی محسوس کر سکتا ہے جو تکلیف اُٹھا چکا ہو, A well filled belly does not believe in hunger, جِس کا پیٹ بھرا ہو وہ بھوکے کی تکلیف کیا سمجھتا ہے, Agues come on horsebackbut go away on foot, آتی ہے ہاتھی کے پیر اور جاتی ہے چیونٹی کے پیر جیسے کسی بیماری کا وقت جو آتا تو ایکدم ہے لیکن جاتا دیر سے ہے جیسے مشکل وقت یا کوئی تکلیف, Children are certain care but very uncertain comforts, بچے تکلیف تو سب دیتے ہیں لیکن آرام کوئی کوئی, Despair not only aggravates our misery but our weakness, مایوسی صرف تکلیف ہی نہیں بڑھاتی بلکہ کمزوری میں بھی اضافہ کرتی ہے, سوچ سمجھ کر کام کیا جاۓ تو بعد میں تکلیف نہیں ہوتی, دینا عزت کا کام ہے مانگنا باعث تکلیف و شرمندگی ہے, Go not for every grief to the physician nor for every quarrel to the lawyer nor for every thirst to the pot, ذرا سی تکلیف کے لئے حکیم کے پاس ذرا سے جھگڑے کے لئے وکیل کے پاس اور ذرا سی پیاس کے لیے گھڑے کی طرف نہیں دوڑنا چاہیئے, He deserves not the sweet that will not taste of the sour, جو تکلیف اُٹھانا نہیں چاہتا وہ آرام کا مُستحق نہیں, جو تکلیف اٹھا سکتا ہے فتح اسی کو نصیب ہوتی ہے, Make every bargain clear and plain that none may afterwards complain, ہر سودا ٹھیک طریقہ سے کرو تاکہ بعد میں کسی کو بھی تکلیف نہ ہو, Make every bargain clear and plain; that none may afterwards complain, Nothing is got without pains except poverty, مفلسی کے سواۓ کوئی چیز تکلیف اُٹھاۓ بغیر حاصِل نہیں ہو سکتی, Riches are got with pain kept with care and lost with grief, دولت حاصِل کرتے وقت تکلیف ہوتی ہے رکھتے وقت فِکر و تفکر ہوتا ہے اور جاتے وقت غم اور دکھ, Suffer that you may be wise labour that you may have, تکلیف جھیلے بغیر دانائی اور مشقت کئے بغیر دولت حاصل نہیں ہوتی.
There are always several meanings of each word in Hindi.

جذباتی طور پر پریشان کرنا. All rights of the publication are reserved by UrduPoint.com. Origin of Disturb Middle English: from Old French destourber, from Latin disturbare, from dis- ‘utterly’ + turbare ‘disturb’ (from turba ‘tumult’).

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