cosmic armor superman vs rune king thor

Rune King Thor at the peak of his power. Thor just points out that the way to ending Ragnorak is just by destroying loom of fate that’s behind the Tapestry Records which would also end THOSE WHO SIT ABOVE IN SHADOW. Who will win in a fight between Team Rune King Thor and Team Cosmic Armor Superman? Cosmic Armor Superman vs Rune King Thor # Cosmic Armor Superman I would have to go with superman on this one. Destroying yggdrasill is nothing, yggdrasill is just connection between 9 realm. Legends of might, champions of the universe. Morals off Closer then most would like to admit RKT knows all beings and what they will do, this could play a big part or not. Forum Posts. Round 1:Both Characters go all out and use every power in their arsenal, with morals turned off. He's pretty much a plot device and he's as strong as he needs to be in order to beat RKT. Cosmic Armor Superman vs Rune King Thor & Cosmic Immortal Hulk. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. @all-father: one overated character beating another does not equally multiversal, bruh, Right its war All father. if you have any specific concerns about this video or our position on the fair use defence please contact us on social media so we can discuss amicably. Rune King Thor VS Cosmic Armor Superman. If it was, @_kingoflatveria: Odin-Force Thor did not fight a celestial, but he did fight the Gardener, a cosmic being(not the elder of the Universe). @kanyecosby: That wasn't OF Thor though, at least I'm pretty sure it wasn't. Created by Alien_X. thank you ! Excuse me. 5.3 KO!!! So just scale based off his current multiversal+ feats and not by "meta" stuff. While Superman reaches new hights and becomes Superman Prime One Million, the god of all supermen. These two are almost evenly matched in the present, but in the distant future, things get a little more... epic. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Vs. Cosmic Immortal Hulk, Rune King Thor and Ziran armor Ironman. https://youtu.be/DxWUBWg64D0Beyonder vs Lucifer Morningstarhttps://youtu.be/cVUdfjvrgNcIronheart Comic Book \u0026 Movie Origen https://youtu.be/Wq5a2omXg7URune King Thor Vs Space Punisher Hulkhttps://youtu.be/cgtFR_6dUUoDeath Seed Sentry Comic Book Origenhttps://youtu.be/hTaSCEa1YMUWhatsApp Group Link For Movies Join Nowhttps://chat.whatsapp.com/DdHlV2ZMcfGAsgxuBg4JjnKeywords. Thought robot sheer size makes him multiversal And thats not considering his Other capabilities like: plot based adaptability, conceptual body and Being strong enough to Destroy the monitor sphere to the point that the overvoid (which is the Very Pages where DC is written) become visible merely as collateral damage in his Battle angaist mandrakk and surviving attacks filled with the bleed ( the space that separates the universes in the multiverse) and lifting the limbo, a plane of existence in which pretty much every aspect is defined as nonexistence while Also viewing It as a flat frisbee, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. @abyssfleet: Still he would be difficult to argue for/against. You are indeed where you belong. @gaoron: Odin is universal with muti-galactic destructive capability. He'll find a way to beat Thought Robot. 2 years ago. Just against higher tier characters. Battle. Team Rune King Thor vs Team Cosmic Armor Superman # Team Rune King Thor @Rajin Nah, both RKT and CAS are very close to omnipotence and have enough power to oneshot the other versions of each, except that OKPT also has the power at least to resist the CAS' existence erasure so he'll help something. @kanyecosby: Odin Force Thor never fought Red Hulk either lol and I'm pretty sure he didn't fight a celestial either. Yes he was constantly adapting to mandrakk, but he did die. Because TR beat Mandrak ergo TR=Multiversal confirmed. 0 wins (0%) Cosmic Armor Superman Thought Robot @gaoron: Pretty sure CAS is way above multi-universal considering where mandrakk and him were fighting near the end and where he resides. 0. Team Rune King Thor vs Team Cosmic Armor Superman. Rune King Thor didn't defeat Those Who Sit Above in Shadow neither he destroy yaggdrasil, he just cuts the loom of fate, a rope. Marvel Vs DC! Rune King Thor is omniscient. EACH LIKE \u0026 SUB WILL WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED AND WILL MOTIVATE US TO MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He'll find a way to beat Thought Robot. Maybe multiversal by scaling. Trinity Superman is not Cosmic Armor Superman? Rune King Thor Vs Cosmic Armor Superman, Cosmic Armor Superman Vs Rune King Thor In Hindi, Cosmic Armor Superman Origin, Rune King Thor Origin , Marvel Vs … There was even a kind of map given about it. Bonus:Immortal Hulk and Old King Thor VS Abomination With the sword of Gorr The God Butcher. Team Cosmic Armor Superman vs Team Rune King Thor # Team Rune King Thor SPH and RKT are the reason why team 2 takes slighly the advantage, the rest are … @abyssfleet: I don't remember much from Beyond story but both Mandrakk and Robot were outside and above the multiverse that had 52 universes inside of it.

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