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Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Nursing, Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge, Nursing Students and Setting Career Goals, The Importance of Interoperability in Nursing, Bridging the Gap from Nursing School to Nursing Practice. Also Read: How Do Nurses Deal With Death – 10 Advice From Fellow Nurses. You also might experience an emotional blunting – whereby you react to situations differently than one would normally expect.”. places and are not paying much attention to how they feel as they go about their Want to become a nurse practitioner but don't have a bachelor's degree? Nurses were predisposed to compassion fatigue by repeated exposure of others' suffering, high stress environments, and the continuous giving of self. She is a graduate of Frontier Nursing University and earned her BS in nursing at Arizona State University prior. JTWidget = {code: 'MTQiullov0bF7CZWcayqMi0ztb0Czdq6'}; Springer Publishing Company Nurses who are mentally drained or distracted are more likely to slip up in a way that can affect patient safety. That said, there are some things that can increase your chances of developing compassion fatigue, says Charles Figley, PhD, a trauma psychologist, pioneer in compassion fatigue research, and the Paul Henry Kurzweg, MD, Distinguished Chair in Disaster Mental Health at Tulane University. It is an occupational hazard, but unfortunately, the nurses missed out on that memo early on. It’s tough to know how to maintain a good work/life balance and show compassion for patients while still preserving your own mental and physical health. Compassion fatigue is just as it sounds. We experience their fears. The now indifferent nurse is just too tired to give any care, and that is a problem. This disconnection from the patient is bordering on catastrophe, as the patient would think that the nurse is no longer interested. Currently, she is enrolled again at Frontier Nursing University to complete her doctorate of nursing practice. This is risky as the nurse is now willing to compromise the kind of care that he/she gives, and becomes contented with providing substandard care. this post exactly defines how I feel this past few months. It appeared that he was shot in the chest by a passerby who was under the influence of drugs. Think about it this way: If you had a patient who broke a leg, you wouldn't tell them that the best treatment is to keep walking on it. Nurses, do you have advice for your fellow nurses? She is a writer and public health professional with more than a decade of experience collaborating with healthcare providers to improve population health. But with compassion fatigue, a nurse needs to come to terms with the losses that come with the job. We tire. for patient care quality, in many settings, health care administration is focusing Over time, your ability to feel and care for others becomes eroded through overuse of your skills of compassion. With the fast-paced environment of…, Being a nurse is no easy feat. 13. It literally translates to “tired of providing care”. Develop a 3-year, 5-year and 10-year career plan. new good habits can replace old bad ones. I was there when my young patient took her last breath and her mother was crying and holding on to her hand like she would hold on forever. “If the atmosphere at your job is supportive and nourishing, you will have a lot more to give your patients,” she says. Since it’s too much for me now, I have decided to leave my job in the meantime. The point is, there is no right way to be a nurse, but somehow, nurses happen to fall into a dark place every now and then. Both can cause tiredness, irritability, and apathy. Hence, nurses should engage Older nurses have time-tested strategies in overcoming compassion fatigue and they may help you in understanding your frustrations at work. In 2017, the ANA began a critical initiative called the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge (HNHN GC), which is geared toward enhancing both nurse well-being and the health of the nation—a win-win for all. Things that can increase your chances of getting compassion fatigue include: Compassion fatigue can look different in different people. Overcome these problems so you will not sink deeper into clinical depression. This isn’t always easy to do, especially when you’re overworked and understaffed. They may think of nothing but the things they forgot to do at work, while forgetting all the things they were supposed to do at home.

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