colonial philadelphia facts

Saw and planing mill, Willow between Eleventh and twelfth Sts., property of the assignees of William B. Thomas and occupied by J. J. Crout & Son, sash, blind and door manufacturers, and Henry A. Hunsincker, planing mill, burned. City passenger cars run for the first time in Philadelphia, over Fifth and Sixth Street Railway. Large factory building, Ninth and Wallace Streets, destroyed by fire. Loss, $30,000. July 8. Some residents moved out of the region altogether due to restructuring of industry and loss of tens of thousands of jobs in the city. Cornerstone laid of German Reformed Salem Church, Fairmount Avenue below Fourth Street. Minuit and his partners also knew that the Dutch view of colonies necessitated occupation to secure legal claim. With no central authority, Senator Boies Penrose took charge. Prizes for four-oared boats won by Crescent, time, 9.331/2; for four pair oars by University; double sculls and single sculls by Crescent; four-oared gigs by University; and six-oared barges by Crescent. New American Theatre, Chesnut Street above Tenth, sold by the Sheriff for $75,000 to H.H. Loss, $75,000. February 17. December 17. Violence was a serious problem. Swedish artist Gustavus Hesselius painted this portrait of Tishcohan, a Lenape chief, around 1735. Water pumped for the first time into the new reservoir of the Delaware Water Works at Sixth Streets and Lehigh Avenue. She is the author of articles and books on the history of the early Delaware Valley, including Quakers and Slavery: A Divided Spirit (1985) and Lenape Country: Delaware Valley Society before William Penn (2015), for which she won the 2016 Philip S. Klein Book Prize from the Pennsylvania Historical Association. June 28. The trustees of the University of Pennsylvania accepted an endowment of $100,000 from Joseph Wharton for the foundation of the Wharton School of Finance and Economy in the University. Deaths, August-November, 1,015. Stock vote in favor of purchase, 13,057 shares; against purchase, 312. May 10. Maj. Ellis P. Phipps, extradited from Canada, brought back to the city and lodged in the county prison. The Humboldt Centennial celebrated by a parade and laying the cornerstone of a monument in Fairmount Park. Great fire at Dearie's Mill, Twenty-Fifth and Callowhill Street. March 9. In 1881, there were around 5,000 Jews in the city, and by 1905 the number had increased to 100,000. Exchange tickets between other roads than the Traction, Ridge Avenue and People's Passenger Railway systems seven cents. May 4. Fire at furniture factory of John A. Elbert, on Edward and Lydia Streets, above Hancock. St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Fourth St. And Willing's Alley, remodeled, rebuilt and improved, formally re-opened. Loss, $160,000. May 14. June 14. With the arrival of more numerous English colonists and development of the port on the Delaware, Philadelphia quickly grew into an important colonial city. Fire destroyed the barrel factory of Christopher Koch, at McKean and Swanson Streets, causing about $14,000 damages, on which there was $11,000 insurance. New fire station of Truck D, Union Street below Fourth, formally occupied by the company. One fireman was slightly injured by a falling wall. Steam frigate Chattanooga sunk at League Island. April 13. Time, 9.043/4. At the winter quarters of Forepaugh's menagerie, Lehigh Ave. and Edgemont St. the Nubian lion, Prince, escaped from his cage and attacked the elephant, Bolivar. Two entries. Deaths, August-November, 3,637. Fire at kindling wood factory of Longton & Crawford, No. April 29. to Forty-third St. and Lancaster Ave. Night-cars resumed running on the railways formerly furnished, with that service by the traction company. 914 Broad Street, formally opened. Six hundred kegs of powder, found on board a canal-boat on the Delaware, seized. Ironically, the 1631 founding of Swanendael at Cape Henlopen—despite the Lenapes’ prompt destruction—demonstrated prior European occupation on the Delaware before Baltimore’s grant. Norris Square United Presbyterian Church, corner Hancock Street and Susquehanna Avenue, dedicated. June 15. June 4. The APS developed from a group of local intellectuals keen on expanding human knowledge to serve informally ⇒ Read More, During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, dissection and study of human corpses became the primary method for medical students to gain intimate visual and tactile knowledge of the body and prepare to perform surgery on the living. the office of President, and also resigned his position as President of the Permanent Exhibition Company. The boiler of the American Dredging Company's steam dredging machine, Philadelphia, exploded, killing two men and injuring five others. Barrel manufactory of W. B. Thomas, 12th and Buttonwood Streets destroyed by fire. Robert White attacked and killed, by the elephant Empress at winter-quarters of Forepaugh's circus and menagerie, Lehigh Ave. and Edgemont St., December 3. Cornerstone laid of new building of Central Presbyterian Church, on west side of Broad Street, north of Fairmount Avenue. May 27. The Fairmount Park Motor Company to build and operate a gravity railroad in the Park, formed. Total loss, about $225,000. Six horses were suffocated. October 14. Land and People: A Cultural Geography of Preindustrial New Jersey: Origins and Settlement Patterns. While the historical context and the individual actors changed over time, a firm belief that basic education for all could foster social equality animated reform in every era. Ringing of State House bell for ordinary fires forbidden by Mayor Henry. Third and Brown Streets. Permanent Exhibition formally opened in Philadelphia by President Hayes and ex-President Grant. Course from Chestnut street bridge to the red buoy at Gibson's Point, three miles. Fire at hosiery mill of J. R. Bridges & Co., 1347 N. Front St. Loss $11,000. C.J. April 2. Great fire. Inter-collegiate regatta between the crews of Columbia and Princeton colleges and University of Pennsylvania, on the Schuylkill River.

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