boy names meaning strength and honor

Warner: English name meaning covered warrior. That’s why I was googling unique boy names that mean strength and honor. If you still really feel like you want a second opinion, hop onto a baby forum board and ask other parents what they think. Your email address will not be published. The only baby name book you will need in 2020 is here. Bernard – German baby boy name meaning ‘strong as a bear’, Blaze – unisex baby name meaning ‘fire’ which sounds tough and strong, Brian – boy name meaning ‘strong,virtuous and honorable’, Bruno – meaning ‘bear’ or also ‘brown’ – reminds me of a small but mighty little bear cub, Butch – this is a pretty tough boy name that refers to someone who is ‘strong and manly’ – a real guy”s guy, Cadell – meaning ‘small battle’ or ‘spirit of the battle’, Cadmen – unusual boy name meaning ‘warrior’, Callan – Scottish boy name meaning ‘battle’ or ‘rock’ which are both associated with strength, Carlo – meaning ‘warrior’ or ‘army’ and has German roots, Cathen – this strong and unique boy name means ‘little battler’, Cedrick – meaning ‘war leader’ or ‘gift of splendor’, Chevy – this unique boy name’s meaning is ‘horseman’ or ‘knight’ – perfect for a brave little warrior boy, Charles – meaning ‘army warrior’ if you look at German origins but ‘free man’ if you look at English origins, Chasin – meaning ‘strong and mighty’ – boy name of Hebrew origin, Conal – this cool Irish boy name’s meaning is ‘strong as a wolf’, Conner – meaning ‘hunter’ or ‘lover of hounds’, Connery – meaning ‘warrior lord’ and has Irish origins, Corey – meaning ‘spear’ sounds perfect for a strong little fighter, RELATED POST: Best Boy Names With Cute Nicknames You’ll Love, Denzel – meaning ‘from the high stronghold’ and has Cornish origins, Donahue – Gaelic boy name meaning ‘dark warrior’, Drayce – meaning ‘modern dragon’ – sounds so powerful and strong, Drake – meaning ‘dragon’ or ‘serpent’ just evokes images of strength, power and magnificence, Dustin – strong boy name meaning ‘valiant fighter’ or ‘brave fighter’, Eckert – meaning ‘hardy, brave and strong’, Edric – meaning ‘powerful and wealthy ruler’, Egon – this strong German boy name means ‘strong with a sword’, Eloy – this is a strong boy name in Spanish meaning ‘renowned warrior’, Emerson – strong male name meaning ‘brave and powerful’, Ethan – Hebrew boy name meaning ‘strong’ ‘firm’ and ‘enduring’, Eric – meaning ‘eternal ruler’ which sounds pretty tough to me, Evander – meaning ‘strong man’ or ‘bow warrior’, Everett – old English boy name meaning ‘brave as wild boar’, First and Middle Name Combos For Girls That Sound Perfect Together, Farrell- meaning ‘courageous’ and has Irish origins, Farris – strong boy name for babies meaning ‘iron strong’, Ferguson – meaning ‘virility’ or ‘man strength’, Finley – rare strong boy name meaning ‘fair haired warrior’, RELATED POST: Unisex, Gender Friendly Baby Names For Boys and Girls, Gabriel – another strong boy name from the bible meaning ‘god is my strength’, Garrett – meaning ‘rules by the spear’ – that sounds pretty bad ass and strong, Gautier – French boy name meaning ‘strong ruler’ or ‘commander of the army’, Gillen – the unique boy name means ‘resolute fighter’ and sounds real tough, Godric – meaning ‘one who rules with the power of God’, Griffin – meaning ‘strong lord’ but often associated the mythological half eagle half lion creature, Griffith – this fierce boy name means ‘fighting chief’ or ‘strong warrior’, Gunner – this Scandinavian name’s meaning is ‘bold warrior’, Gunther – has German roots meaning ‘battle warrior’, RELATED POST: Hippie Boho Baby Names For Your Flower Child, Harbin – this unique boy name means ‘little bright warrior’ and has German origins, Hardin – meaning ‘hardy’ ‘brave’ and ‘strong’, Harlow – meaning ‘army hill’ which sounds like a battle ready name for a strong little fighter, Harold – meaning ‘army power’ or ‘army brightness’, Hartman – boy name meaning one who is ‘hardy’ or a ‘strong man’, Harvey – meaning ‘battle worthy’ or ‘blazing iron’, Henrick – meaning ‘home ruler’ – perfect for a strong boy, Herbert – meaning ‘illustrious warrior’ and has German roots, Herman – meaning ‘soldier’ or ‘army man’ which conjures up images of brave, courageous and strong men, Hero – this unique boy name is perfect for a strong little boy and means ‘brave one’, Hunter – is such a strong sounding name for a baby boy and means ‘one who hunts’, Igor – boy name meaning ‘warrior of peace’ and has Russian origins, Ivor -uncommon boy name meaning ‘archer-solider’ or ‘bowman’ and has Old Norse origins, Jabbar – this Arabic boy name means ‘mighty’ and ‘powerful’, Jedrick – Polish boy baby name meaning ‘a strong man’, Jerry – this cute boy name’s meaning varies by origin but the French and German roots suggest it means ‘spear warrior’ or ‘mighty spearman’, RELATED POST: Beautiful Baby Girl Names with Cute Nicknames, Kaiden – meaning varies by origin but the Celtic meaning ‘fighter’ or ‘warrior’, Kalmin – this strong unique baby boy name means ‘manly, strong’ and has Scandinavian origins, Kane – this rare boy name’s meaning is ‘warrior’, Kavan – meaning varies by origin but can mean ‘battle’, Kenneth – this strong boy name means ‘born of fire’, Kendrick – this Welsh boy name means ‘greatest champion’ or ‘bold power’, Kenzo – this Japanese boy name means ‘strong and healthy’, Keren – Hebrew meaning ‘strength’ and ‘power’ – can also mean ‘light’, Kimball – meaning ‘leader of the warriors’ – a boy name of of strength and honor, RELATED POST: HANDSOME BOY NAMES THAT ARE 3 LETTERS LONG, RELATED POST: SWEET AND SHORT GIRL NAMES THAT ARE THREE LETTERS, Liam – this cute boy name’s meaning is ‘strong willed warrior and protector’, Leonard – meaning ‘lion strength’ or ‘lion – hearted’, Leonardo – this strong vintage boy name means ‘brave lion’, Leopold – boy name meaning ‘brave people’, Lewis – English boy name meaning ‘renowned warrior’, Lionel – this French boy baby name means ‘young lion’ and is associated with strength and courage, Louis – German boy name meaning ‘famous warrior’, Luigi – such a classic Italian boy name meaning ‘renowned fighter’, Luther – meaning ‘army people’ has German roots.

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