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All sorts of outlandish theories were soon doing the rounds, and the number of ships and aircraft that had disappeared without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle was grossly inflated, with many simply being made up. Mr Leffe gave further evidence to support his theory. The concept of the Bermuda Triangle – a triangular area of around 270,000 square miles of ocean between Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Florida in which hundreds of ships and aircraft have allegedly vanished into thin air – was born after the mysterious disappearance of US Navy Flight 19. While Flight 19 and the PBM-Mariner weren’t the first aircraft to vanish without trace in this area, they were some of the first to make headlines because of their disappearance. As for Flight 19, though, nothing was ever found. That was the last anyone heard from Flight 19. “Florida Keys radio operators on the mainland marked flight 19’s position far from the Gulf Coast, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. He revealed during Amazon Prime’s “Inside The Bermuda Triangle” why he thinks flight leader, Lieutenant Charles Carroll Taylor may be central to the investigation. How ‘secret Inca city’ was found hiding below Amazon jungle, Egypt: Secret Tutankhamun’s message found on Howard Carter’s grave, A Bermuda Triangle mystery has been solved, Why ‘startling discovery of 30-foot creature could explain lost ships', Stephen Hawking’s ‘black hole time machine’ proposal to NASA [REVEALED], Stonehenge breakthrough: Julius Caesar letter exposes ‘secret’ [VIDEO], Antarctica discovery: Century-old letter reveals shock find [PICTURES], World War 2: How James Bond author helped plan Spain invasion. Apparently he did not. It was apparently at the east of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Grumman TBM Avengers similar to Flight 19. Taylor’s voice became increasingly panicked. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, He reported that he was over land, but that it was broken, and that he thought it was the Florida Keys. The truth of the matter, though, is far less exciting and disappointingly unremarkable. Express. The rescue Mariners were supposed to meet at the search zone. READ MORE: Why ‘startling discovery of 30-foot creature could explain lost ships', “They were diverging, rather than converging and that is significant evidence that helps us to be sure that Taylor was never anywhere near the Florida Keys.”. These mariners were like flying boats that could also land on the sea. If any of these deviated, there was a high chance that the flight would be lost. At 7:30 one of the PBM-Mariners sent in a standard radio transmission. So what was actually Flight 19 and what really happened? Alarming messages soon began to come in via the planes’ radios: “I don’t know where we are,” said one pilot. The weather started to become rough too and the Avengers were very low in fuel. Despite extensive searching over the next few days, weeks and months, neither the wreckage of the five Avengers or the PBM-Mariner, nor the bodies of the 27 airmen were ever found. While most of the claimed disappearances linked to the Bermuda Triangle have since been debunked, the fate of the US Navy’s Flight 19 and the PBM-Mariner remain a mystery. The triangle with the yellow line on the picture below was the planned route of the flight 19. How did they get lost in the triangle? It was a clear day. As an author of this website, he shares deep insights on Bermuda and related areas of interest. There was no sign of the Avengers. PBM Mariner leaves NAS Banana River 19:27; 6. While Taylor was an experienced pilot, he did have a history of getting lost. On December 5, 1945 at 2:10 p.m., the five Avengers of Flight 19 took off one after the other from the Naval Air Station (NAS) of Fort Lauderdale at Florida for a routine training session. The concept of the Bermuda Triangle – a triangular area of around 270,000 square miles of ocean between Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Florida in which hundreds of ships and aircraft have allegedly vanished into thin air – was born after the mysterious disappearance of US Navy Flight 19. As per plans, the flight's path was to first go towards East into the sea for 56 nautical miles up to Hens and Chicken Shoals to practice bombings. Read. At 3.45 p.m., Taylor's voice was heard again at the control towers. The planes flew into heavy cloud cover, with lashing rain and gusting winds, and Taylor believed his compasses were malfunctioning. It was the last anyone ever heard of it; in an ominous turn, yet another Navy aircraft vanished without a trace that day, along with all 13 crew members who had been on board. Compass problems are one of the most cited phrases in many Bermuda Triangle incidents. Flight-19 was the code name for Five Grumman Avenger bomber planes that took off from the Naval base at Florida on December 5, 1945, but never returned. “in radio logs, Peter Leffe has discovered a clue that illustrates Taylor’s worsening confusion.”. Then turn back, head south-west and fly 120 nautical miles to get back to the Naval Base in Florida. The last thing anyone heard from Flight 19 was Taylor saying, “We’ll have to ditch unless landfall…when the first plane drops below ten gallons, we all go down together,” as the planes used up the last of their fuel. This time he sounded worried and confused ... ". At this point they would turn north and go for 73 nautical miles. It could carry up to 2,000 pounds of bombing ammunitions and had a range of 1,000 miles.

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